CDM 2015 News Update / CD261 – Consultation on replacement of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007

The HSE Board considered the outcome of the recent consultation over replacement of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 at their meeting on Wednesday 13th August 2014.


The paper which shows the outcome of the public consultation on the proposals to revise the CDM Regulations 2007 is now available at the following website: .


The paper basically goes through the results of the public consultation, it then outlines the proposed amendments to the proposed draft CDM 2015 Regulations as a result of the public consultation, and finally it proposed the next steps for the Board’s consideration.  Upon reading the paper, it appears that the Board generally agrees to the proposals within the paper.


At this time, work continues in relation to finalising the CDM 2015 Regulations in line the normal Government processes for new secondary legislation.  They will become public as and when they are laid in Parliament.  Ultimately, the plan is to allow the draft CDM 2015 Regulations to be included in the Statement of New Regulation 9, with a view to CDM 2015 coming into force in April 2015.

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