The VIVID Pod prototype is arguably the first manufactured, mobile artist’s space in the UK. The pod concept was developed by architect Ranbir Lal in collaboration with VIVID in response to VIVID's artist research programme; it explores the possibilities of integrating production within an exhibition environment. 

 The moveable Pod has been designed with versatility and multi- functionality in mind. Fully wired and with integral lighting, the Pod can be used individually, as smaller self contained unit to develop and produce work, or in conjunction the surrounding environment for testing and showcasing.

 It’s a simple human construction specially designed around the space a new media artist needs for their work. It is a mobile, flexible studio which proposes a radical change to the production and presentation of new work. The Pod is about the size of a shipping container.

Guide Price: £7,000-£10,000


Sides 2700cm (h) x 4350cm (w) x 2500 (d)

  • Construction in weather resistant birch faced ply with 32mm laminated polished ply edges throughout
  • Solid flush white faced pivoting door to full height, suitable for projection. Power in access hatch to floor for cable in/out
  • roof and overhead storage with integrated LED lighting under
  • Dalsouple desk tops throughout
  • Access flap to side with magnetic push catch with 8 x double power sockets behind and LED strip lighting beneath


VIVID has been supporting artists working with creative technology for over twenty years. In June 2005 VIVID relocated to a new space in a former motor garage on Heath Mill Lane, Digbeth. The pod was successfully launched as part of Architecture Week 2006  – the tenth year of Arts Council’s national festival celebrating Architecture. The VIVID events were specifically noted at the national launch for Architecture Week at Fort Dunlop, 16 June 2006. It features in the Birmingham RIBA publication as a key example of an architectural collaboration exploring  ‘creative workspace’ in the context of regeneration and mobility ; and was the central theme of a symposium on ‘Habitat’, with acclaimed artists Richard Billingham and Layla Curtis, and contributors including curator Jeni Walwin, architect and writer Ben Flatman, Marcel Schweirin, Chair of EMARE (European media Artist Residency Exchange) Nigel Edmondson, Eastside Arts Ambassador  and architects Falk Schneemann & Anthony Hoete.


Location : Birmingham

VIVID%20POD%20-%20configurations.pdfSpace: Prefabricated flexible, non static workspace for artists/creative/office

Uses: The Pod is a flexible working environment, originally developed for as a small scale combined working and presentation space for artists and suitable for desk top working production space for any creative or office use.

All Enquiries to:         yasmeen@vivid.org.uk / 0121 766 7876

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